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Interior separation in e-chains®: Cable wear virtually halved under the toughest conditions

A smooth, cable-friendly and rounded contour ensures a long service life of cables and hoses in energy chains. Through extensive testing in the igus® laboratory, the interior separation was optimised and the cable wear almost halved.

Key question was: To what extent can a difference in terms of abrasion be determined, if cables are pressed against the crossbars with high pressure and moved? To accelerate the test sequence, contact pressures which do not occur in reality were used. For this purpose, on a special test rig, cables with interior separations of the "old" and "new" standard design were tested with more than 850,000 double strokes.

The result:

The optimised interior separation of the energy chains preserves the cables and provides a service life almost twice as long.

Test: Cable wear on two different contours.
The optimised interior separation gives the cables a service life almost twice as long.

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