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The igus® bike: 25 bearing points with dry-tech® high performance plastics

Change your bearings now! 40% less costs, 80% less weight and 100% less maintenance

igus® bike  


Height-adjustable seat post: X-Fusion HILO STRATE 31.6 mm
iglidur® J4 plain bearing


Fork suspension: RST (1-1/8 to 1-1/2) 160 mm
iglidur® J4 plain bearing


Shock absorber: X-Fusion O2 PRO RLX 215 mm
iglidur® J3 plain bearing


MTB 20" carbon frame with 27.5 tyres
iglidur® J plain bearings


Derailleur: X. 0 (FD-X0-HDM-A1) 2-speed
iglidur® G bearings


Derailleur: X. 0 (RD-X0-T21-A1) 10-gear
iglidur® G bearings


Pedals: Spank Spike
iglidur® J bearings

In terms of weight, the igus® bike stands out on its own! 25 iglidur® bearings in the front suspension, saddle attachment, shock absorbers, pedals, derailleurs and carbon frameensure that the weight is reduced and the service life increased. This is due to the tribologically optimised materials, which are characterised by their very low coefficients of frictions and high wear resistance. Dirt and dust? Moisture? No problem for iglidur® bearings! The absence of lubrication and the high resistance to corrosion enable use even under the very hardest ambient conditions.

igus® bike collage  
iglidur® bearings in use
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