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Linear guide for a do-it-yourself installation of a cost-effective monitor adjustment in the tractor

Our drylin® W linear guide facilitates a high-quality do-it-yourself monitor adjustment installation. drylin® linear technology is lubricant-free, light, quiet, modular, long-lasting, affordable, available from stock.
The specific benefits are:

Freedom from maintenance and lubrication


Easy installation

High mechanical stability

Configure and order online


Expert for linear plain bearings

System selection & service life calculation with CAD
Expert for drylin® drive technology  

In addition to calculating the suitable linear unit, the expert for drylin® drive technology also provides the option to calculate the corresponding motors including service life.

More products for use in tractors

… cornering technology

For the product series drylin® W and T igus® providesrail profiles according to customer requirements in a curved shape

… cornering technology    

Other applications in the agricultural technology

Agricultural machinery

In many tractor applications, metal bushes or recirculating ball bearing guides can also be replaced by lubricant-free polymer plain bearings! Seat adjustments, drivetrain bearings, pedal mechanisms, steering system, control interfaces


High-performance plastic plain bearings can also be used in many applications in tractors - in the drivetrain, the pedal mechanism, or in driver cabs of agricultural machinery Seat adjustment, drivetrain bearings, pedal mechanism, steering system, control interfaces


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