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Special design of the igus® e-spool® for stage machinery

The requirements regarding the permissible volume of noise produced by moving products in the stage area are very high. The requirements depend on the situation in which the product is used. For one customer's particularly noise-sensitive application, for example, a volume of less than 54 dB was required, measured one metre away from the e-spool®. This is just below the noise level of the standard e-spool® (56 dB).


Test set-up

Test setup for the e-spool

The e-spool® is moved in a sound-insulated space at a speed of approx. 0.3 m/s. The noise is measured and recorded at a distance of 1 m away.

Test results:

This was the recorded noise level generated by the special e-spool® moving at a speed of0.3 m/s. :
Leq : 42 dB(A)
Lpeak : 48 dB(A)


The special e-spool® with its additional noise-dampening features generates a level of noise below that required and can therefore be used.
The standard SP1.850.14000.02.R.0 e-spool® generated only a slightly higher level of noise under the same conditions of use - Lpeak 56 dB(A); Leq = 49 dBA.

Test laboratory - quality from igus®

Quality from the igus® experimental laboratory:

Applications involving high cycle counts, speeds and accelerations or demanding environmental conditions require proven systems providing durable and reliable operation, especially when it comes to energy chains, cables as well as polymer slide bearings and linear systems. igus® conducts tests continuously in the in-house laboratory under real conditions. Every year, we conduct more than 2000 tests on e-chains® and cables, and over 5000 tests on slide bearings . The focus of our tests are tensile strengths and shear forces. Coefficients of friction, wear, driving forces and abrasion under extremely different conditions and speeds. Influencing factors such as dirt, weathering, low temperatures or impacts and shocks are tested for.

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The "igus cable drum" without slip ring

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