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drylin W Accessories

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drylin® W end caps WSX-EC

● Protection of the hollow chambers before penetration
   of foreign particles
● Easy to mount, simply fold sideways
● Cover for cutting edges
den 11,66 USD/Prç.
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drylin® slot nuts for mounting

  • Variable positions
  • Ideal for drylin® limit and reference switches
  • Suitable for T-slots of the drylin® WSX high-profile rail
  • Secure retention
  • Can be retrofitted
den 2,16 USD/Prç.
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drylin® WSZ rail end caps

  • More safety with robust end caps
  • Centering and flange for torque-resistant hold
  • Covers the axial holes
  • Firm press-fit
  • Stylish rail end protection
  • Simple handling
  • One set for both sides of the rail
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