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bronze vector 2012

Endless rotation


This machine is usually used for woodworking, whereby it could also be used for other materials which are similar to process (e.g. PVC, polypropylene, aluminum etc.). The tool has to be able to carry out numerous different movements in order to follow the workpiece contour, including rotating about its own axis with an overall rotation of 1440 degrees in both directions. For this reason, a solution was required for cable guidance to the tool which would be able to cope with this movement and is also light in terms of weight. The problem was solved in the past through the use of an electro pneumatic distributor that had significant weight, was too expensive and the absence of flexibility in adapting to a change was a further disadvantage. The igus® twisterband was absolutely convincing on all counts. The composition of 6 modules of the chain allows complete coverage of the required stroke. It is light weight and low cost.

SCM Group S.p.A., Fabio Ferri, Rimini, Italy

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