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Leadscrew technology drylin®

Change your bearing now - save 100% lubrication and up to 40% costs
The drylin® lead screw technology as well as the lead screws and lead screw nuts with dryspin® technology are based on the principle of lubrication-free linear technology. For the completely lubrication-free use, stainless-steel or hard anodised aluminium lead screws are combined with high-performance polymers from the proven iglidur® product range. By doing without oils or fats as lubrication, we can fulfil the highest hygiene standards with our lead screw technology. In addition, use in dry operation saves a large amount of cleaning and maintenance costs. The dirt resistance and the silent operation of the materials used for the lead screw offers a variety of possible applications under various conditions. Apart from that, wear is considerably reduced and operating times are increased. This saves up to 40% of the usually incurred costs. Benefit from the advantages of the drylin® and dryspin® lead screw technology and use it in your application.




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drylin® clamping rings, right-handed thread, CRR
  • Clamp ring for trapezoidal lead screw
  • Thread direction, right hand

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drylin® lead screw clamp

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drylin® clamping rings, left-handed thread, CRL
  • Clamp ring for trapezoidal lead screw
  • Thread direction: left-hand

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