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New profile rol energy chains for fast handling of metal sheets


  • Application: Linear feeder for plate feeding in presses
  • What was needed?: Profile rol e-chain for the supply of energy and data, whereby the e-chain can cope with the extremely dynamic requirements quickly and quietly.
  • Product: P4 Profile rol energy chain
  • Branch of industry: Mechanical engineering, metal forming
  • Success for the customer: The new feeder was equipped with a profile rol energy chain of the "P4" series for fast, vibration-free operation. This plastic energy chain is especially quiet and abrasion-resistant at high speeds and with large fill weights. In addition to this, it is an energy-efficient solution as less drive power is needed for a rolling application than for a sliding application.

Profile rol energy chain for linear feeder


With the "high-speed liner feeder" of Schuler Automation GmbH & Co. KG, press lines can be operated that ensure a very high degree of economic efficiency, yielding 15 to 17 parts a minute. Developed for the automotive industry and its parts suppliers, it can be used for other applications as well as for the feeder.
Dynamic supply of plates
The technical advantages of the current new development of Schuler Automation are mainly to be found in the dynamic values. The aim was to increase the yield even further. This meant that all components had to withstand extremely high speeds and rates of acceleration.


Fast, quiet profile rol energy chain
The upper run and lower run of the energy chain of the "P4" system are offset from each other when they are rolling. As a result, the tribologically optimised plastic profile rollers are not rolled over but roll on a continuously wide surface, as a result of which the service life of the energy chain is increased even further. In addition, the pitch of the chain links is the same with or without roller, which means that , radially, the moving energy chain is especially quiet and vibration-free. The rollers themselves are permanently integrated into the side sections. On request, the system can also be supplied with cable-friendly "auto-glide" crossbars and a special trough system.
Ten metres per second
These features are the right ones for the "high-speed linear feeder". Sascha Verch, responsible for mechanical design at Schuler Automation: "Dynamic responsiveness is central. As regards plate handling, the speed and acceleration used to be 6 m/s and 16 m/s2 respectively and are now 10 m/s and 20 m/s2 respectively." The total travel is 10.5m whereby the energy chain is 6.2m long. When the system was being designed
, a decision was made in favour of a "P4.56" energy chain (inner height of 56mm) on the basis of tests carried out in advance. The profiled rollers roll on a specially designed metal sheet in the unsupported area of the energy chain. As a result, heat and therefore wear are minimised due to
the high dynamic values and the upper run of the energy chain is reliably guided.

System P4 - Series 4.56