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Adhesive dispenser for camera modules

Description of application

  • Customer: Mingseal Robot Technology
  • Plant: Adhesive dispenser for camera modules
  • Industry: Semicon, Display & Micro Electronic Industry
  • Customer requirements:
    • Reliable energy supply with openable system
    • ISO Class 1
  • Solution from igus: Cleanroom energy supply system e-skin

Customer requirements:

Mingseal manufactures products for the 3C industry (Computer, Communication and Consumer Electronic). The main product is an adhesive dispenser for camera modules.
igus E3 and E6 e-chains, which are already suitable for ISO class 1 according to IPA, were previously used as energy supply systems. Nowadays, however, the market demands an even higher particle-free standard (and thus theoretically an even better ISO class) than before, especially for mobile phone camera modules.
The reason for this is the ever-increasing pixel counts of mobile phone cameras, because if there is just one particle on these modules, the entire module is abandoned and the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) as well as the yield of the plant drop enormously.

igus solutions:

In the first step, the customer had to replace the energy chain with other products such as welded cleanroom ribbon cables. The disadvantages of this solution soon became apparent: on the one hand, it was not possible to open the welded ribbon cables to add or replace cables, and on the other hand, the cables broke very quickly because they had to support themselves. After only half a year, the first defects appeared on these welded cables, which in turn led to the system coming to a standstill.
The igus cleanroom energy supply system e-skin convinced the engineers at Mingseal. The unique openable corrugated tube for cleanrooms, which consists of an upper and lower shell, united the engineers' requirements with regard to accessibility, inherent rigidity, compactness and, of course, the highest cleanroom suitability according to ISO Class 1. In future, the compact e-skin series SKS20 will be installed in new machines.

About the cleanroom energy supply e-skin