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drylin® E stepper motor with connector, NEMA 34

  • Installation Size: NEMA 34 / flange dimension 86 mm 
  • Protection class: Motor housing IP65 (shaft sealing IP52) 
  • Holding torque: 5.90 Nm 
  • Rated current 6.40 A
  • Motor connection: Metric M17 connector (swivels ± 90°) 
Ürün tanımı
NEMA34: The power pack in the large installation size
Applications with higher loads are implemented using the largest series. Heavy-duty format adjustments or parallel dual axis setups are among its primary duties.
Stepper motors from igus® are a good supplement to drylin® linear axes. They are characterised by their cost-effectiveness, their precision and easy control. They work reliably under the most varied environmental conditions (depending on the selected class of protection IP). The igus® stepper motors can be connected to the most common motor controls using standardised electrical connection.
The connector interface provides a high IP65 protection level (IP: International Protection). The higher the IP rating, the better the motor is protected from the ingress of dirt and water.
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